Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's a Brand New Day

Today has been 4 weeks since Fede's passing. We are missing him more and more each day. We have reminders of him everywhere from his garden,plants, and flowers that he loved to his many instruments laying around the house. Lucia said to me today "thank you mom for holding our family together" and "mom, we will get through this." And we will.I see so much of Fede in our children. I will honor him in raising them how we always wanted to together. There have been some days when I haven't wanted to get up in the morning to get the day started but I just had to remember Fede and all that he did and I have gotten up everyday thanking God for a new day and for having the chance to raise our children doing the job for both of us. Fede's memorial service was one week ago and it was a beautiful celebration of Fede's life. Many people were there to honor him. It was joyful, emotional and authenic to who Fede was. He inspires me everyday and I have heard from many people since his passing that they are also inspired to live better, more thankful of life. We have been overwhelmed by love and support during this time. Here is a video celebrating Fede that was played at his service.
Much love, Marci (copy link to browser)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fede has been set free 1.21.1970- 1.1.2012

My beautiful husband and father of Lucia and Mateo won his battle with cancer today and is in God's loving arms. He went peacefully after a 5 year battle. Fede fought for his life to raise Mateo and Lucia and he did it. Our children truly know and love their father and that was Fede's desire. He was surrounded by his family and loved ones the days leading to his death. His mother and I were with him for his last breath on this earth and we gave thanks that he was no longer suffering. My heart is thankful for each and everyone of you who have read this blog, supported Fede and I and gave us encouragement and hope. He was a light in our life and filled our home with so much love, joy and happiness. When his doctors told him he had less than a year to live with this cancer, he didn't accept that and his life was a testament to his strength and endurance over these last years. He was such a beautiful person and we will miss him terribly.
Love to you all, Marci